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Call today for all your new gate and door service and repair needs!

We look forward helping you with any gate and door repair service issues you may have with your automatic opener motor, parts, or for new installation! We are your local experts available to help install, repair, maintain, or troubleshoot your gates and doors! Whether it be to repair a faulty part or automatic opener, or to install a whole new entry piece, we are proud to explore and complete your project with you! Our goal is for your gates and doors to be beautiful, functional, and efficient so that it results in your satisfaction and enjoyment.

Sometimes a simple phone call can diagnose and fix your gate or door!

We respond promptly and can give you our best assessment over the phone. If needed we will set up an appointment to take a look on location. Whether it is a simple part to fix, or it is a more complex challenge to identify, we will be there to diagnose any issues with your automatic gates, doors, and equipment, and we will help find the best solution for your entryway.

We hope doing business with us is a pleasant and relieving experience that results in the prompt returned and improved status of your gate or door operation. Also, we hope your experience leads to confidence in both our service to customers and our finished product. We will recommend our best solutions with your budget and the longevity of your gates and doors in mind. You will find that we are here to meet your gate and door needs; not to sell.

When you call Open Up Gates & Doors, you will be received the way we prefer to be received when we personally need someone’s service. You are a priority to us from the first call! And you will be through the service experience up to the point your gate needs are met!

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