Gate & Door Access Control in Tampa

Gate and door access control are the frontline experience you have with your gates and doors. Discover the right fit for your entry.  One of the best parts of owning a gate or garage door is the ability to open it easily.  One element is the automatic opener motor that opens the door.  The other element is the remote control that indicates to the opener when to open the gate or door.  We not only work with gate and door installation and the automation hardware but also the remote control methods that bring it all together.

Gate entrance keypad access control

Popular Access Controls

Most of this comes down to preference. How do you want to make your door open and close?  The two most popular methods are simple remotes or keypads.  A remote is a very nice feature that allows you to signal your gate to open as you approach your driveway.  You can nicely time for a seamless entry or exit.  The downside is that you may be limited to how many remotes you and your crew need to carry with them. We can program your remote to operate your gate or door.  We can troubleshoot any problems you may be having as well. Sometimes a simple phone call can explore and solve basic issues you may be facing.  Occasionally, you will need to replace batteries in your access control remote.

Intercom doorbell and access code panel on wall of residential building

Gate and Door Keypad Access Control

Another popular gate and door access method is a mounted keypad.  These allow more people the opportunity to utilize a garage door or driveway gate with a common code.  Therefore you are not limited to only having a few remote controls.  We often mount access control keypads inside and outside of driveway gates so they work in both travel directions.  The gate would close after entering and exiting.  Access control pads are also commonly mounted next to garage doors. 

Gate and door access control upgrades go beyond a basic keypad.  They can integrate intercom and video features if properly paired with the correct components on the receiving and monitoring end.  They will involve power wires or wireless options to support such desired interaction.  Open Up Gates and Doors will be glad to consult with you about the best solutions for your access control needs.