Automatic Gate Opener Repair

Automatic gate opener repair in Tampa

Repairing Your Automatic Gate Opener

Automatic gate openers can be the greatest joy when working properly and the most aggravating curse when they act up. Common problems can understandably arise due to moving mechanical parts whether they are operating daily or sitting unused out in the weather elements. Turn those frustrations back into the functional and efficient gated experience you’re familiar with. At Open Up Gates & Doors, we look to repair when at all possible before resorting to replacing. Many times, there is a basic and inexpensive fix. Call us at 813-590-5884 if we can repair or troubleshoot your broken gate opener. Here are some common culprits we see.

Broken automatic gate openers can be challenging at times due to the moving and aging parts and components specific to each entrance. However we are familiar with the common problems that occur, and we are skilled at diagnosing them and locating the parts required to repair your gate opener. Once we locate the issues in play, we will discuss the recommended parts, solution and cost before proceeding.

Fixing Related Gate Components


Automatic Gates succeed when everything works properly together, but add one malfunctioning component to the system and the result can seem like just a terrible gate as a whole! We wouldn’t want that, and the good news is most automatic gate systems are able to be repaired.

Assuming the gate itself has not been damaged, we look to find the part or mechanism disrupting the automation process. The sources can range from parts within the automatic gate opener itself, the parts physically doing the opening and closing of the gate, to the remote access device or the power source.

On the more obvious end, we check to make sure there is power to both the gate opener and the access devices. Sometimes everything is okay except the signal is not reaching the controller. Also, there may be something obstructing a sensor, track, or arm that prevents the full range of motion. This happens more with physical obstacles in the way introduced by things like weather, animals, etc.

When we know you are clear of the more obvious interruptions, we move to the more technical side, which usually is contained in the automatic gate opener itself. We will find the internal physical part or module that failed. In some cases when an older unit is not capable of performing like it should, or it is just not cost-effective to fix we will discuss replacing the gate opener with a new unit. Whether it be an automatic gate opener, moving parts, or replacing the old gate itself with a new gate, we can provide them when the time is right.