Commercial Overhead & Garage Doors


Open Doors for Your Business

Commercial overhead and garage doors are important for many types of businesses. We install, repair and maintain the right doors for you!  It might be easy to forget how essential a functional door unit is to business operations, but in a case when a door is damaged or out of service, we quickly remember how much we depend on them.

Shops, physical plants, garages, warehouses, factories, barns and much more are only completely useful when there is an overhead or other type of garage door!  They enable spaces to open and close for business, operation and access.  In some cases the door units serve as useful barriers in order to allow for work to continue despite elements like heat, rain, wind, etc.  Doors not only provide the obvious opening to be open or closed; they also need to be efficient.  If they open too slow, or open in the way, then spaces are not as functional.  Our garage and shop doors, and overhead doors allow for quick access and preserve a maximum workspace.


Overhead Door Security

In addition to the convenience and efficiency of overhead doors, they must have a level of security.  Penetrations in a building, or openings, can be the weakest point of entry if they are not secure.  To secure a commercial doorway, overhead doors must be installed properly with good hardware and precision.  An incorrect or careless installation can allow a door to weaken and become out of alignment over time, which can undermine its functional integrity.

The overhead door material and latching mechanisms are other elements essential to your door’s security.  You can choose high-quality door panel material that keeps your shop secure from burglary, and you can also choose material securing your workspace from harsh elements, maintaining climate control.  Security depends on the door material, latching hardware, and opening mechanisms.  We can help provide security by accurate installation of the physical opening mechanisms, as well as the automatic door opening system that is a first layer to deter unwanted access.


Types of Commercial Doors

You have options for your door.  We can accomplish overhead doors in rolling steel, sectional steel, aluminum, and more.  We can discuss the most common doors that combine the best quality material, aesthetic appeal, durability, and maintenance factors.  You most likely know your space, how you use it, and therefore what you need in your commercial door.  If you prefer a more specialty type of door we can install security screens, integrated glass/windows, counter doors, fire-rated doors, and oversized commercial doors.