Garage Door Repair

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Troubleshooting and Repairing Your Garage Door

Garage door repair in Tampa is easy with our initial over-the-phone and free onsite estimate. We can repair your garage door parts quickly and painlessly!  Chances are, your garage door issues are a basic fix to a common problem.  If your door is not responding, then we will look to the power source of your automatic or remote control door opener.  There is most likely an interruption of power source or sensor.

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Fixing Poor Door Operation

If you are having trouble with the mechanical opening and closing of the door, then we will look into the moving parts and components.  You may find that your door doesn’t open or close. Maybe it sticks or lags. Sometimes the motor runs but the door doesn’t move.  Otherwise it may be that it is binding and making terrible noises!  With all of these issues, we will look into what is off track, out of line, malfunctioning or interrupting the proper functioning of your door.

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Common Parts to Repair

There are some garage door parts that seem easy to fix.  We recommend you call us and discuss why it is wise to have a professional do the repair and maintenance of your door! There can be significant risks involved when repairing a garage door opening system that involves electricity, heights, cables and chains, tracks and rollers, folding panels, and especially high-tension springs!  We will explore and inspect the condition of your automatic opener, remote control, type of door opening drive (chain, belt, or even heavy-duty chain and jackshaft side drive). We will look at your rollers, tracks, hinges, cables and drums, fixtures, bearings, brackets, shafts, struts, and more.  We would love to solve your garage door repair needs in the Tampa area!