Gate & Door Inspection & Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting Your Automatic Opener

Gate and door troubleshooting is the quickest way to the most appropriate and affordable gate or door fix. Let’s identify and repair it for you!  Gates and doors are frequently used, have moving parts and electrical components, and they are exposed to the Florida elements. So, it is understandable that maintenance and repairs are part of enjoying a beautiful and functional entrance!

At Open Up Gates & Doors, we seek to inspect, identify and repair issues before jumping to the more costly installation of a new unit. After all, most of the time issues are repairable!

Common statements when in need of gate and door repair:

“My gate doesn’t open or respond.”

“The gate stays open or partially opens or closes.”

“My gate or garage door is jammed.”

“When my gate attempts to close, it ends up opening back up and staying open.”

“My garage door attempts to move but reverses and stays open or shut.”

“My gate sags or drags the ground when opening.”

“I have a keypad or remote that quit working.”

“My gate opens or closes most of the way but not all of the way.”

“Our gate opens up past it’s closing post.”

“My garage door is extremely loud.”

Troubleshooting Power Source and Other Problems

Initial issues for unresponsive gate and door opening systems relate to the power source.  We will look at the power supply to remote controls, keypads and opener buttons. We will also inspect power supply to the actual gate or door opener units.  This could involve tripped breakers and GFCI outlets, internal transformers and fuses, dead backup batteries, and failed solar panels or circuit board issues.

Inspecting and Troubleshooting a broken automatic garage door opener

Gate Operation and Malfunction

If power is present, it is eliminated from the troubleshooting equation and we move to gate operation.  Most obvious malfunctions are issues obstructing a gate from closing/opening, or a garage door from smoothly closing/opening.  It is usually easy to see when a gate or door has become jammed, or fallen off of a track.  This could be due to worn-out equipment, like tracks, channels and gate mounts, or some outside force causing the new problem to occur.  It could also be due to a weak or failing structure of the gate frame itself. Another common problem is that a photo eye has been bumped and misaligned, preventing proper operation.

Other related malfunctions that are more difficult to identify have to do with modules and settings inside of garage door and gate openers.  Solutions could involve resetting a gate’s open and close limits or the force level with which they need to effectively close.  Beyond internal adjustments, we look at the system components that may have gone bad in hopes that a replacement part solves the issue.

When we troubleshoot your gate or garage door issue, we will report it to you. At that time we will give our best recommendation in order to fix what is broken. If that inspection reveals that your hardware is too worn out to fix for a reasonable and cost-effective future, we will explore options with you that involve replacing the necessary unit and/or involved parts.  Whether we work on a repair or new install, consider the warranty coverage of your existing or new gate and door openers

gate and door troubleshooting and repair of automatic opener
Gate and Door Troubleshooting