Gate & Door Painting & Maintenance

Gate & Door Painting & Maintenance

Painting and Maintenance for Your Gates & Doors

Gate and Door Painting and Maintenance are common and necessary services we offer to keep everything operating and looking great! Like any types of maintenance, periodical, consistent attention is an investment that prevents malfunction and fosters longevity for your gates and doors!  Gate and door owners hope to have an entrance that is worry-free.  We know that a gate or door in good order is nice, but when they are not, it can interrupt our lives and routines.  Depending on your type of gates and doors, there may be little maintenance needed. However, regular checks can go a long way to ensure breakdowns are less frequent than an unmaintained gate or garage door.


Maintenance is a Reality

As much as we wish it were not true, maintenance is a part of life, especially for things with outdoor moving parts!  Good maintenance heads off problems either before they occur or catches them early before any issues worsen.

Exterior gates and doors can seem to last a good while as long as they appear to be operating properly.  What might start as fading paint, or a squeak or catch here or there, can eventually demand attention, requiring repair.  Good painting practice is best done before the paint completely fails.  We can help prepare aging paint jobs and replace your finish to restore a good finish.


Painting & Prevention

The reality of our humid Tampa climate is that rust will set in on metal if it is left out of mind.  It is important to catch rust spots on metal gates and doors before they compromise structural integrity. This would prevent the ability to function and protect your entrance.  Wood is also obviously prone to rot, and cannot hold hinges, planks, and shape when it is not maintained. Open Up Gates & Doors can paint your old gates and doors and lubricate or fix pieces in need of attention so they will keep problems at bay. We can inspect your automatic garage door and gate openers to look for any developing issues that will soon need your attention.