Gate Repair


Repairing Gate Damage

Gate repair in Tampa is a breeze when we fix your broken, sagging, or stuck entry gate. We will make it look and function beautifully!  One of the most common areas of attention involving driveway and perimeter gates is repair.  Even though it usually relates to the automatic gate openers and related parts, there are times when it is the actual gate panels themselves that are in need of repair and maintenance!  We see the most need to fix gates when some kind of damage has occurred.  Unfortunate damage incidents are most commonly due to storm damage to gates, or vehicle-related accidents.  And other less common times it is abuse or vandalism.

With our weather in Tampa, we know that the beautiful climate also comes with extreme conditions at times.  Winds can blow objects into gate panels, or even into the way of a gate, preventing it from closing, or breaking it.  The wet climate can also take a toll over time.  We repair many damaged gates that were involved in minor accidents that caused enough significant damage that prevent proper function.  Whatever forces it may have involved, it is obvious when a gate has been disabled and needs immediate attention!

Repairing gates can include replacing wood or metal framing. Also, it can be more cosmetic where it only involves replacing pickets or panels in cases where the frame and hinges are still good.  We will assess the damage and repair what we can to preserve the look and integrity of your gate.  In some cases, when damage is extensive, it is more cost-effective to choose to rebuild a new panel for your opening.

Metal-Gate-Hinges-and Parts-Repair

Gate Hardware Repair

Another common type of issue we encounter often is the repair of old or broken gate hardware.  Worn-out hinges and brackets can allow a gate to sag both immediately or over time.  You know that well if you have a gate that drags the ground or driveway.  Good gate hardware is essential to dial in your gate alignment and keep it stable enough to function with longevity!  Whatever the material of your gate, we can repair or replace the failing parts and get your entrance accessible again.


Neglected Gate Maintenance

Sometimes by habit we tend to grow accustom to a gate that begins to fail over time.  We may notice minor sounds or differences from how it formerly functioned, but we may not be alarmed.  And in the busyness of life we even notice a problem we intend to get to later, until the day comes when it suddenly fails.  Repairs we perform on under-maintained gates can become tricky because the components tend to be beyond repair.  A rusted frame can become unable to secure gate planks.  Rusted or rotten posts can prevent successful repair efforts from lasting because they can no longer be secure. Even overgrowth, sediment build-up, and poor drainage can eventually affect your gate from functioning properly! Open Up Gates & Doors is here to help repair whatever has interfered with your gate from functioning properly.  We can also help prevent some of those problems by offering preventative gate maintenance measures.