Residential Overhead & Garage Doors

Residential Garage Door

Residential overhead & garage doors provide homes in Tampa, FL with great function and beauty.  Find your perfect garage door today!  We love to help customers find the right door for their home, shop, or storage building.  If you are in the market for a new or replacement door, we can help you explore what will best fit your door needs.

Choosing the Right Residential Overhead and Garage Door

There are several options to choose from and narrow down!  The primary deciding factor for your residential garage door is the design of your home.  The size and number of overhead door openings will dictate what you need initially.  There can be almost any combination of quantity and sizes of garage doors.  There may be doors small enough for only a golf cart or ATV. Or, they can be unusually larger for oversized vehicles and tractors or RVs.

Residential grey overhead garage door of suburb house entrance

Garage Door Sizes

Do you have a single or double-width opening?  You may have two single openings with a dividing column separating them, or you may even have a double and single for three-bay homes.   The standard single-door dimension is around 8W by 7H or 9W by 8H. Newer homes may be closer to 9W by 7H. A double-wide garage bay would measure around 16W by 7H. 


Other Door Considerations

Your community and neighborhood home styles may also direct your decision. Styles can range from a low-end corrugated roll-up style, to the standard horizontal panel doors and more custom decorative doors.  You can choose the extent of features like insulated core, and the amount of windows to include.  Custom-style overhead doors include functional or faux exterior accent hardware.

Residential Overhead and Garage Door Openings & Material Types

How does your door open?  You may already be set up with a certain method.  The most common type of overhead and garage door opening style is the sectional roller door.  Each horizontal panel bends with hinges and rolls up overhead tracks.  These can accomplish many aesthetic styles.  Other types of garage doors are roll-up doors that roll up in a compact manner, and canopy, tilt, and retractable installations.

Another decision you will need to make is to choose the material for your door.  They commonly come in steel, aluminum, vinyl, and less commonly wood.  In addition to these options, you can finish off customizing your overhead door by including insulation, automatic openers, and access control remotes or keypads!  In cases where your existing door is in fair shape, we may be able to do some minor repairs and maintenance to bring your door back into working order.