Residential Gates in Tampa, FL

Residential Automatic Security Gates

Residential Gates

Gates at personal residences are the preferred property feature for homeowners who prioritize curb appeal, safety, controlled access, and efficient entry and exit experiences!  Open Up Gates and Doors can help you set the perfect first impression by installing the right gate for you from a variety of options.  Call us today at 813-590-5884 to discuss the right fit for you and your property.

Why Have a Driveway Gate at Your Property?

There are many reasons our customers love automatic gates!  There is a great sense of security in gated residences because they are a deterrent to immediate access of passers-by, both practically and perceptually.  The physical and mental barriers create a delay in a case where an unwanted trespasser must pause and consider various factors instead of the immediate access and even welcome of an open driveway. 

Along with providing a safety barrier, residential gates afford homeowners the power of controlled entry.  They can choose who enters, as well as how much freedom visitors have in the access process. Some of the other major motivators to choose automatic residential gates is the efficiency that eliminates the hassle of exiting vehicles twice each time they pass through to open and shut their gate.  Finally, there is much appeal to the added visual appeal and increased property value of homes with gated entrances! The gate style can complement the style of both the home and the neighborhood.


Types of Residential Gates

When choosing a gate for your residence, it is good to know the most popular styles of gates.  Sliding gates are rectangular-shaped gates that are usually a single unit sliding horizontally out of the way on a built-in track.  They can span small or large driveways, but they require space to one side in order to provide clearance.  Swing gates are usually more varied in appearance shape and style.  They swing inward with an arm attached to the motor and can be one single gate or a double swing gate.   There are even instances where homeowners prefer a main driveway gate and a pedestrian gate away from the drive.  Security and privacy gates can come in many forms and refer more to the method of access, like entry points involving keypads, cameras, and audio/visual elements.  All of these options help offer solutions we can cater to your preferences!