Security Gates & Doors

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Security Gates and Doors for your Property

Security gates and doors will bring both safety and beauty to your property’s entrances! Open Up Gates & Doors is here in Tampa to make your home or business secure today!  Most people quickly envision added layers of barrier and monitoring when they hear the terms security gates and doors.  When you think about it though, gates and doors are by nature the most ancient and enduring security feature that is still used today.  They naturally brings access control to various spaces.  Security gates and doors are not so different than basic doors and gates, except for heightened needs for control and limited access.

In instances where gates or doors fall more into the security category, you will find extra preference involved. Security gates are generally found outdoors along property perimeters, and security doors are common indoors.  But you will find each type in either place occasionally.  Types of properties needing secure entry in Tampa include commercial and industrial, storage or parking facilities, and especially military or airport grounds.  Security priorities limit access points to one or two main entrances, and they might have a secondary location where preferred associates may alternatively enter. 

Stone high fence with shut iron door in paved yard of modern style design property outdoor.

Facility and Property Security

Property owners and managers may desire security gates or doors in order to limit entry access either in the volume of people who may enter, times when entry is permitted, or especially by credentialed passers-through.  The needs may be as simple as perimeter security that funnels traffic to a preferred entry point. In this case, the security gate can range from a basic framed/pipe swing gate to a monitored or manned entry checkpoint station.


Unique Needs for Security Gates & Doors

Security gates and doors can protect a space from physical access or even aid in preventing visibility.  They can secure property, belongings, intellectual property and processes, and anything else they wish to remain discrete.  Some residential property owners pursue security gates to create barriers to special areas or items like swimming pools, pets, dumpster areas, storage or shop buildings, and more.  They too prefer security doors when visitor access to the building itself cannot be controlled.

Metal-red-double-security gates

One of the main features of security gates and doors is the versatility of access control.  There may be times when maximum access is preferred, and there may be times when something is to be locked down.  Each property owner will decide the timing and level of access versus the security and methods they need. We can help consult with you in that decision process to achieve not only your security preferences but also your aesthetic goals. We are also here to help keep your existing access points operating and looking good by offering maintenance services.