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Open Up Gates and Doors is your local Tampa gate repair and garage door contractor to handle all of your gate and garage door projects, including residential and commercial installations and repairs! Whether you are looking to repair a broken gate or garage door opener, you are replacing an old gate or door, or you are considering installing a new gate or door unit on your property, we are here to help! We are happy to offer our expert opinion on the best options for your entrance and budget, and when you know the gate or door you choose to install, we will be there to get it looking beautiful and operating smoothly!

We find fulfillment in addressing the headaches of old and broken doors and gates in Tampa, and turning them into features our customers can enjoy with pride.

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There are many types of gates and doors, as there are many various passageways at each residence or business! Considering that they involve pedestrian and vehicle access, as well as changing weather conditions and mechanical movement, it is just a reality that entry units are important and need maintenance. On top of location and function, they set distant visual impressions and up-close entrance and exit experiences!

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Gate & Door Repair in Tampa

One of the most common occurrences in gate and door work is the reality of maintenance and repair!

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Please call 813-590-5884 for gate and door work in the Tampa area!

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Please call 813-590-5884 for gate and door work in the Tampa area!